Bridge Eight Press is a Florida-based literary publisher producing works that move the eyes and soul. For us, that means publishing accessible fiction and poetry that speaks directly to the world our readers live in today.

Founded in 2014, the Press publishes a small catalog of titles each year as well as Bridge Eight Literary Magazine, a bi-annual print publication. It is also the creator of several literary events in and around Jacksonville, Florida including the Abridged Reading Series and Flash Readings, the self-proclaimed best literary event under 30 minutes.

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We're looking for novella-length fiction for our new e-book series.

Bridge Eight Press is extending its catalog to include novella-length fiction that we will publish exclusively in an e-book format. This includes PDFs and Kindle-ready titles. 

Why E-Books?

We at Bridge Eight have been thinking about accessibility, it's part of the reason we pivoted from a print literary journal to an online one. We we also have been thinking about our own limitations, both as a small press and as readers.

You see, we at Bridge Eight can sometimes act like luddites. We abhorr Kindles and Nooks and the like. We instill romance into the texture of print, the object of a book. We can't help it.

But we think it's holding us back. E-books are cost-effective (for both us and the reader). They are instantly available. They reader can decide the manner in which they'd like to read them.

We also felt that the novella was the perfect form for the e-book. It feels like a marriage we should have seen coming. 

What We’re Looking For

Stand-alone novellas/short novels. This does NOT include collections of short stories, chapbooks, or works outside the length dictated below.

We’re not closed to any genres, but most of what we publish is literary fiction with that “other thing” lingering in the room. We recommend perusing some of the stories we’ve published online to get a feel for the work that resonates with us. That said, we’re always open to being surprised by something new and different, so try us.  

Quite simply, we want a book that not only moves our eyes but also leaves us thinking about it. We want something sticky like that, something that hovers about when we've finished reading it.


  • 20,000 - 35,000 words (a little outside this is okay, but nothing crazy)
  • Times New Roman, Size 12
  • Double-spaced lines
  • Numbered pages

Publishing with Bridge Eight Press

We’re a boutique publishing house that produces a small number of titles each year. This means we pour our hearts and souls into each book that moves through our hands—from first edits to marketing and continued promotion.

In an industry usually set in its ways, we’re into combining traditional and nontraditional marketing plans to get your words into the hands of as many readers as possible. 

As a Bridge Eight author, you become family. You’ll have direct access to your editor and publisher, and be brought in as a collaborator in the production and marketing of your work.

"As the inaugural winner of the Bridge Eight Fiction Prize, I wasn't sure what I was in for. I knew they made beautiful objects, as I'd read their print journal all along. But my experience has exceeded all expectations — they combine the collaborative working relationships that make small press publishing rewarding, with an efficiency and professionalism that's rare in the indie world. I'd do it all over again given the chance."

 - Christian TeBordo, author of Ghost Engine

"Bridge Eight Press is staffed with warm, friendly individuals with fine, editorial eyes. They've been a pleasure to work with and I feel as though my book couldn't be in more caring hands."

- Couri Johnson, author of I'll Tell You a Love Story

Our Previous Titles

Ghosts Caught on Film by Barrett Bowlin (April 2022, Winner of the Bridge Eight Fiction Prize)

Tuscaloosa (Or, in April, Harpies) by Margaret Emma Brandl (E-book)

China Blue by Catherine Gammon (April 2021, Winner of the Bridge Eight Fiction Prize)

I'll Tell You a Love Story by Couri Johnson (April 2020)

Ghost Engine  by Christian TeBordo (November 2019, Winner of the Bridge Eight Fiction Prize)

Alligator Zoo-Park Magic by C.H. Hooks (March 2019)

Bridge Eight is happy to read and share your conversations with writers and literary artists.

There are no strict guidelines for this. Whether you interview an editor or a writer, a published author or someone on the come up, we are happy to take a look at it.

Bridge Eight is happy to read and publish well-written book reviews, whether they be for smaller independent presses or those with a much larger reach. If you are passionate about the work, then we're the home for you.


  • Please don't send us a review of your own book.
  • Additionally, please don't send a review of a self-published title.
  • We are interested in prose and poetry alike - especially those books we may not have heard of before, or those you think are underrepresented in the literary media.
  • For our sake, please include the genre, page number, and the URL to the press so readers know where to get the book.
  • A photo of the cover helps, too!
  • When submitting, consider the work Bridge Eight publishes, and how that may align with the books we want to read reviews of.
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